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It’s summer, summer, summer time! While everyone is excited about this amazing weather and the glorious long summer days I’ve been busy getting my summer beauty game up! Quite frankly, you can’t have the same beauty and hair routine for winter and summer. Read more


Beauty/ Hair

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.52.14 AMSo if you’re anything like me, you fell into the “MAC is the best” trap a long time ago. There was one point in which I would buy a few MAC lipsticks (16 bucks a pop) a week because I didn’t believe anything else would compare… but that got old quick! Since those naive days I fell in love with cheaper brands like Wet N Wild, NYX, and anything else I  stumbled across that was just as pigmented. Here are a few of my favorite DUPES this fall… and honestly I prefer Revlon’s Shameless and Wet N Wild’s Cherry bomb over MAC’s expensive junk! They are much more pigmented to me.

Here are a few pics of me wearing the lipsticks that I love! 1Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb (I wore it lightly on top of a nude liner to make it softer)2MAC’s Velvet Teddy (Still my fave … I can’t give into the Revlon dupe)3I searched high and low for Heroine… and Then a few weeks later I fell in love with Shameless by Revlon.

Do you have any fall favorites that I missed? These are just a few, I have tons of lipsticks! Share some of your favorite dupes with me.

DIY Floral Crown

Fashion/ Hair

FCWho doesn’t love a good DIY? The style gods have deemed this Spring-Summer season one full of florals and chic pastels. On the other hand I think social media has played a major part into this new floral crown obsession. I found myself buying them a few times over at some of my favorite stores, but they either kept breaking or I misplaced them. To avoid the hassle I decided to start making them myself. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Hot glue gun
  • Elastic or Elastic Sport headbands
  • Scissors
  • Artificial Flowers


  • Step 1 – While glue gun is warming, take artificial flowers and remove them from the stems
  • Step 2 – Cut the extra piece of plastic off the back of the flower
  • Step 3 – Glue the back of your flower to your elastic
  • Step 4 – Allow glue to cool, repeat steps 1-4 until finished DIY

It only took about 2 artificial bouquets to complete one flower crown. I absolutely love this DIY. I will be using these easy-to-make headbands all summer long for music festivals, pool visits and more. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, don’t forget to show me the flower crowns you make. Be sure to tag me in them on Instagram by using the hashtag #Circa88 or on Facebook by posting to Circa 88‘s FB page.

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