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Over The Knee Chic

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over the knee chic

Some days you just want to step into the dark side, even if it’s the middle of the day! I couldn’t resist this fun number with trendy over-the-knee socks paired with a flirty swing dress. I topped it off with comfy thick heeled booties and a fuchsia lip. When you feel like playing dress up, what’s your go-to look? For some reason I enjoy being ‘dark.’ Makes me feel like a Chic Denise Huxtable ūüôā

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5 Sleeping Beauty Tips I Swear By


Beauty TipsEver feel like you aren’t getting a good night’s rest? Or maybe you just don’t know the true meaning of beauty sleep. Well I’m one of those girls who loves to get pampered before bed. I go the extra mile to prep my body and my skin for calming down just before it’s time for rest. I like to think of these tips as my sleeping beauty remedies for the best beauty rest! Here are a few things that I absolutely must do before bed in order to prepare myself for a fabulous next day.

  1. Always Drink Water Before Bed.¬†Drinking water before bed will change your life! It’s hard for me to calm down before bed, especially if I’ve been on the go all day. Water balances energy levels, hormones and soothes your body just before bed; it also prevents headaches. I use to wake up with really bad headaches before I began consuming water before bed; I later found out that I became dehydrated in my sleep. Now I drink a cup of water before bed and it eliminates my headache-like symptoms.
  2. Prevent Dark Circles.¬†Vitamin E Oil is my saving grace … especially when I’m really tired and fear having raccoon eyes the next morning. Nightly I apply a pinch of Vitamin E oil around my eyes to hydrate and moisturize. Not only does it eliminate dark circles but it assists with puffiness, too.
  3. Butter Up!¬†What girl doesn’t want baby’s bum soft feet? We all do! For an intensely moisturizing overnight treatment, lather your feet in a heavy amount of moisturizer like shea butter, coconut oil or even vaseline and sleep in socks. If you would like to take the softness up a notch; lather your feet in moisturizer and wrap each foot in plastic wrap, then sleep in socks … you will wake up with the softest feet ever!
  4. Humidify Your Skin. Ladies with dry skin, (especially during winter months) it may be best to sleep near a humidifier. The dampness in the air will open up your pores as if you were in a sauna. The moisture will lock in and hydrate your skin while assisting with dryness.
  5. Only Use Masks, Exfoliants And Other Skin Treatments Before Bed.¬†One of the most misunderstood usage instructions pertaining to skin treatments is that you can use them anytime. Please note that it’s best to only use skin treatments at night. If you use facial masks, exfoliants and/or body scrubs, never use them during the day. You want to only use them at night so that your skin and body can calm down from the intense treatment it just experienced. Never scrub your skin and then add a full face of makeup. Always allow your skin to set in a clean state. For best beauty benefits only use facial masks and exfoliants before bed. The awesome and clean feeling you get after using it also makes it better for you to drift right to blissful sleep.

These are a just a few of my favorite sleeping beauty tips, I hope you enjoy and use them! If you have any beauty rest tips or questions please comment and share!

3 Haute Holiday Looks

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Haute Holiday Looks

Gratitude Glam

photo 1-27photo 2-21

Ever feel like you just want to get dolled up for the holidays? I DO! I’m so into going that extra mile to make sure you’re perfectly put together for the holiday season. Here are a few style inspirations I’ve created to get you through the holidays in all HAUTE looks.

Gratitude Glam

This look is for the rocker glam girl who’s all about having enough space in her outfit to go back for seconds this Thanksgiving. I love the blended earth tones and textures like sequins and fringe. The fringe puts a definite Thanksgiving spin on the look, along with the leather good accessories!

Haute Holiday Party

Turn up the glitz for your holiday party! I don’t expect it to be FREEZING outside this holiday season, so you can easily get away with a glamorous shift dress. If it does get too chilly out, simply add opaque tights and you won’t miss a beat! This garb look I created is powered by ruby tones and gold finishes. I’m in LOVE!

Grunge NYE

There’s something so edgy about New Years Eve. In all of it’s glamorous ways, I wanted to put a grundy spin on your typical New Years Eve nightlife look. Yes black is always in for winter but why not put a rocker spin on things? Paired with a motor leather jacket, silver link chains, metallic pumps and a bright red lip … you’ll be the shot caller all night long!

Which is your favorite Haute Holiday Look?!



Beauty/ Hair

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.52.14 AMSo if you’re anything like me, you fell into the “MAC is the best” trap a long time ago. There was one point in which I would buy a few MAC lipsticks (16 bucks a pop) a week because I didn’t believe anything else would compare… but that got old quick! Since those naive days I fell in love with cheaper brands like Wet N Wild, NYX, and anything else I ¬†stumbled across that was just as pigmented. Here are a few of my favorite DUPES this fall… and honestly I prefer Revlon’s Shameless and Wet N Wild’s Cherry bomb over MAC’s expensive junk! They are much more pigmented to me.

Here are a few pics of me wearing the lipsticks that I love!¬†1Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb (I wore it lightly on top of a nude liner to make it softer)2MAC’s Velvet Teddy (Still my fave … I can’t give into the Revlon dupe)3I searched high and low for Heroine… and Then a few weeks later I fell in love with Shameless by Revlon.

Do you have any fall favorites that I missed? These are just a few, I have tons of lipsticks! Share some of your favorite dupes with me.

Skin Care: Reviva Labs Review!

Beauty/ Makeup

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 10.14.32 PMHey Lifestylers! Long time no blog! I’m just getting settled from all the events I had going on and wanted to make sure I updated you guys on my new skincare regimen! I’m sure if you follow my Instagram, you saw my post about a month ago. My friends at Reviva Labs sent me a few of their new products and I must say my skin is in love! I received the Vitamin E Oil ¬†Stick,¬†Pomegranate Lactic Acid Exfoliate,¬†Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask, and the Hawaiian Seaweed Day Cream.

I was kind of nervous to try a new regimen, because I’m one of those “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it,” people. I’ve always been very satisfied with my old skin care regimen and I didn’t know I actually needed improvements, until I tried something new and I felt the difference!tumblr_m5zt634IQh1qkz7sk

I’ll start with the Vitamin E Oil Stick … It is a game changer! I live by vitamin e oil, and for the longest I’ve been dealing with the messy tube oil version, or even worst, breaking into capsules to retrieve the oil for use. Not anymore! Reviva Labs Vitamin E Oil Stick is conveniently in a lipstick tube, which means it’s mess free! I use it as a lip balm and I also use it around my eyes at night to diminish dark circles. This baby is the best, I mean it. I will never go back to the oil version, I’m sticking with Reviva Labs’ Stick version forever; it’s convenience sold me.

Reviva Labs Pomegranate  Lactic Acid Exfoliant Review 02I believe the secret to having flawless skin is in exfoliating. You have to remove dead skin cells in order for new skin cells to resurface. I began using the¬†Pomegranate Lactic Acid Exfoliate at the beginning of July, and it’s part of the reason I waited so long to give my full review. I wanted to be open and honest about the products I’ve tried; and I needed to get the full experience of using the product. So instead of me giving the review right away I used the product for nearly 2 months before my review. The¬†Pomegranate Lactic Acid Exfoliate did wonders for my skin! I’ve always had an uneven skin tone, and I’m sure everyone has this. However it evened out my skin tone tremendously! I noticed a lot of the black heads that were in my t-zone faded away, because my pores were unclogged. Overall it just felt like a breath of fresh air! Using this all natural exfoliant twice a week really did the job of brightening my skin tone while detoxing my skin.Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.16.03 AM

When I felt like pampering my skin I used the¬†Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask.¬†One thing that’s for sure, I try not to over use my products, because too much of anything can be bad. You can use this mask up to twice a week, but I chose once a week because I was exfoliating twice a week. What I love about this product, is that it was very gentle and mild and restored the moisture balance in my skin. When you use an exfoliator you have to make sure you leave moisture, and this mask soothes your skin while retaining moisture and revitalizing your complexion.

087992111235And last but not least, my all time favorite, the¬†Hawaiian Seaweed Day Cream! This is a game changer!!! The very first time I used this, I instantly felt the difference between this product and my overly expensive BareEssentials (Oops, didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes!) I still love BareEssentials, and I even wear their makeup and use the facial soap, but the day cream from Reviva Labs has completely swept me off my feet! My skin practically drank this day cream; it absorbed so well in my skin, and left my face feeling like baby skin! Not only did it nourish it with moisture, it made my primer and makeup foundation go on so smoothly. You must try! It’s great for all skin types.

Thank you Reviva Labs for sending me all of these goodies, my skin thanks you, and I’m officially hooked! If you want to try some of Reviva Labs products, you can find them on their website at¬† and their products are also sold in Ulta! Here are a few pictures from my Reviva Lab journey!¬†photo-2Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.35.40 AMIn my favorite house kaftan and the Pomegranate exfoliant!¬†10513515_10202427054170244_2650602551664722007_n



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