BDAY 2015 5Where are you located?

I’m currently located in Atlanta, GA.

Are you mixed?

Not quite, my family is of southern Creole descent, which is French & Black, but ultimately I bubble in Black!

How tall are you?

I’m a proud 5’5” :-)!

What size do you wear?

My weight fluctuates, and my size varies –so at my smallest I’m typically a size 8/10 top and a size 12/14 bottom; at my largest I’m typically a size 12/14 top and 16 bottom.

What size shoe do you wear?

I’m a 7  1/2.

What type of shape wear do you use?

My use Waist Snatchers for all of my shape wear needs. I swear by this brand … I wear Waist Snatchers under all of my clothing for the extra smoothness, and the support my body needs. I’ve used Waist Snatchers so much … they’ve even given me my own discount code because I always refer my followers to them. So use code TRIENA for a special discount!

Who takes your photos?

My photographer’s name is Andrea Foster. She’s excellent behind the lens and I love her attention to detail. If she’s not snapping my blogger pics, typically it’s my boyfriend. I take all of the shots that don’t include me.

What do you do for a living?

In addition to my blog, I am the Marketing & Events Coordinator for UPTOWN Magazine.

How’d you get your start?

My degree is in public relations and marketing, and though I love the media realm dearly, I’ve always wanted a platform for myself. After interning with UPTOWN Magazine in Harlem during the summer of 2012, I made really great connections with other lifestyle influencers, which pushed me to create my own platform. Here I am today, with Circa88!

What does Circa88 mean?

Circa means “about” and I was born in 1988. So I’m simply saying this blog is a reflection of me, which started ‘about 1988.’ I like to think of Circa88 as my personal journal.

I want to start a blog, any advice?

Be consistent, in anything that you do. I think of blogging as a 50/50 offer. Half goes to your content, the other half is about consistency. If you have great content but don’t post often, what good is it?

My other advice is –don’t compare your blog to others. There are so many bloggers out there and it can be overwhelming trying to find your niche. Stay true to who you are and always be yourself. Remember, originality sells!

Do you work with and collaborate with other brands?

I do, but I’m very selective on who I collaborate with. I like to keep Circa88 as authentic as possible by collaborating with brands that are a natural fit for this platform. I’ve worked with Ashley Stewart, Eloquii, Meiroglyphs, RevivaLabs, amongst others. I am always open to brand collaborations as long as they align with Circa88.

May I use your photos on my site?

Absolutely! Please make sure to link back to Circa88 when you use my photos, as they are copy written.


If you have other inquiries, feel free to contact me here!

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